Hy Rib Mesh for Concrete Permanent Formwork & Exterior Wall Plastering

Hy rib mesh, also known as fast-ez high ribbed formwork, is manufactured by punching and profiling galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet.

It is a jointless steel mesh stiffened by integral ribs. The continuous parallel V ribs are the main source of the hy rib mesh. Meanwhile, the steel mesh can be curved along the direction of V ribs. The profile of the steel mesh, in combination with the hy-rib tangs, allow the hy rib mesh can be widely used as the carrier of plaster, stucco and fireproofing material and served as a permanent formwork for concrete.

Working Principle

Hy rib mesh, when served as concrete permanent formwork, creates a strong bonding base for continuous pouring.

When the concrete is poured behind the formwork, the raised part of the mesh opening are embedded in the concrete, forming a mechanical wedge that is connected to the adjacent pouring block and providing strong adhesion and shear resistance to ensure the superior quality of the joint. In the secondary concreting, the drilling and furring process can be eliminated, thereby shortening the construction period while enhancing the strength of the concerting part. When the concreting is finished, no dismantle is required, all you need to do is to move the support away, saving your time and labor while accelerating the construction progress.

The application diagram of hy rib mesh when served as concrete permanent formwork
  • Allow steel bars passing through easily and binding continuously.
    Hy rib mesh is a special kind of steel mesh with a large number of openings. It allows steel bars with a diameter of 12 mm and below pass through the mesh easily. For steel bars with a diameter of 12 mm above, cut through the mesh opening to allow the steel bar passing though and then make sure the cut part of the opening return to its original position. It can also be installed before binding steel bars and then make sure steel bars pass through the mesh opening.
  • Observe the concreting process directly.
    Due to its unique opening structure, it allows you observing the concreting process with your naked eyes, thereby reducing the risk of porosity and honeycomb.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install.
    It weights only one tenth of the set-shaped steel formwork, which makes it easy to transport and can be installed quickly.
  • Optimize the concreting process and increase the shear resistant interface.
    The mortar penetrates the interface through the mesh opening during concreting to form a coarse-grained interface with ideal shear resistance.
  • Adapt to segmental concrete pouring.
    No dismantle is required before the next concrete pouring, thereby simplifying the interface preparation.
  • Easy to connect and shear.
    Multi-performance, easy to cut, and can be bent and folded according to the required support shape.
  • Good mechanical properties, low lateral pressure.
    The hollow-carved mesh opening design allows the concrete pressure being reduced to half of its original value, thus significantly reducing formwork support.
  • No peeling off, no deformation.
    Hy rib mesh will neither peel off or deform even under extreme weather conditions (extreme hot or cold).
  • Great concrete gripping capacity.
    Hy rib mesh is specially designed to retain the poured concrete.

We offer hy rib mesh made of the following raw materials and in the following thicknesses to suit to different applications.

Table 1: Hy Rib Mesh Specification
Code Rib height Rib Distance Thickness Width Length Packing
HR 03 19–20 mm 89–90 mm 0.3 mm 450 mm 2000–3000 mm Pallet
HR 04 19–20 mm 89–90 mm 0.4 mm Pallet
HR 05 19–20 mm 89–90 mm 0.5 mm Pallet
HR 06 19–20 mm 89–90 mm 0.6 mm Pallet
Production & Inspection
The machine is punching the steel plate for hy rib mesh production.

Steel plate punching

The machine is profiling the punched steel plate.

Hy rib mesh profiling

Hy rib mesh is cut into desired size.

Hy rib mesh cutting

Hy rib mesh for exterior wall application

For exterior walls

Hy rib mesh for permanent formwork application

For permanent formwork

Hy rib mesh for concrete permanent formwork application

For concrete permanent formwork

Packing & Shipping
Hy rib mesh binding & packing

Binding & packing

y rib mesh pallet packing

Pallet packing

Well packed hy rib mesh is loaded on the compartment for shipping

Loading & shipping