Lath Nails & Screws – Building Plaster Accessories for Good Fixation

Made of carbon steel or stainless steel wires, our lath nails & screws have sharp tips and high strength to allow it be nailed into walls firmly by hammer or pneumatic nail gun. Galvanized and phosphate coating surface treatments are available to offer diverse surface colors, prevent nails and screws from rust and corrosion and extend their service life. It often serves as plaster accessory for building plastering works. Lath nails & screws with a plastic insulation sheath are also available for thermal insulation.

Different types of lath nails and screws
  • Connect firmly.
  • High strength, solid and durable, not easy to deform and enjoy a long service life.
  • Rustproof, corrosion resistant.
  • Various materials and types for your option.
  • Easy to install.

We offer a wide range of truss head screws, self-tapping screws, lath nails and plastic insulation nails for your option.

2 truss head screws

Truss head screws

Self-tapping screws with a steel washer

Self-tapping screws

4 lath nails

Lath nails

Plastic insulation nails in various types

Plastic insulation nail

Truss head screw for expanded metal lath fixing

For expanded metal lath fixation

Self-drilling screws for metal lath fixation

For metal lath fixation

Lath nails for metal lath fixation

For metal lath fixation

Plastic insulation nail for fiberglass mesh fixing

For fiberglass mesh fixation