Rib Lath With High Strength and Great Plaster Bonding Capacity

Rib lath is manufactured by punching and profiling galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet.

Rib lath, also known as expanded ribbed lath, has V-ribs to offer an increased tensile strength and give a uniform plastering depth over a large coating area. Compared with common metal lath, V ribs provide added support capacity and its unique structure offers better permeability, thereby delivering greater plaster bonding and fixing properties.

It is extensively used in plastering works on walls and suspended ceilings and serves as plaster base for building construction.

Rib lath
  • It offers great stiffness, high tensile strength and is not easy to break.
  • It provides ample keying for plastering.
  • Flexible structure can be bent and shaped at will.
  • Easy construction, it allow you save your time greatly while offering an even plastering surface.
  • Lightweight, easy to cut, bind and nail onto the keel light steel frame for easy and fast construction.
  • Rib lath without paper

    Rib lath without paper

  • Kraft paper-backed rib lath.

    Kraft paper-backed rib lath

Rib lath without paper

Rib lath without paper has herringbone mesh patterns and 7 longitudinal solid steel ribs with a depth of 3/8" at an interval of 3-7/8" across the sheet.

Rib lath provides a maximum span of 24" on center. It can be used both vertically and horizontally to provide superior strength and exceptional rigidity. It is widely used in ceiling, wall and column plaster works.

Rib lath without paper
Kraft paper-backed rib lath

Compared with rib lath without paper, kraft paper-backed rib lath not only provides superior strength and exceptional rigidity, but also limits the loss of plaster when being applied on open framing.

Kraft paper-backed rib lath.
Rib Lath Specification Table
Type Code Rib Depth Rib Distance Sheet Size
3/4" High Rib Lath (High Rib Stay Form) YJ-HR 3/4" 98 mm 27" × 97"
YJ-HR3 19–20 mm 100 mm 200 mm width
YJ-HR4 19–20 mm 100 mm 300 mm width
YJ-HR5 19–20 mm 100 mm 400 mm width
YJ-HR6 19–20 mm 100 mm 500 mm width
YJ-HR7 19–20 mm 100 mm 600 mm width
YJ-HR8 19–20 mm 100 mm 700 mm width
3/8" Middle Rib Lath YJ-MRB5 10 mm 150 mm 600 x 2200–2500 mm
YJ-MRB7 10 mm 100 mm 600 x 2200–2500 mm
YJ-MRB9 10 mm 75 mm 600 x 2200–2500 mm
1/8" Flat Rib Lath YJ-FRB5 4 mm 150 mm 600 x 2200–2500 mm
YJ-FRB7 4 mm 100 mm 600 x 2200–2500 mm
YJ-FRB9 4 mm 75 mm 600 x 2200–2500 mm
Production & Inspection
Rib lath punching

Rib lath punching

Rib lath forming

Rib lath forming

Rib lath opening test

Opening test

Rib lath length test

Length test

Rib lath for plastering

For plaster work

Rib lath for exterior wall plastering

For exterior walls

Rib lath for ceiling plastering

For ceilings

Packing & Shipping
Rib lath packed with plastic film

Plastic film packing

Rib lath packed with steel pallet

Steel pallet packing

Packed rib lath is loaded on the compartment for shipping

Loading & shipping