Plaster Mesh FAQs

Do you accept made-to-order service according to our requirements?

Yes. If you need custom-made products, please provide a detailed requirements and its description. Detailed design drawings are preferred.

Can you supply drawings?

Yes. We can supply CAD or PDF drawings, including detailed technical data and installation guide, etc.

Do you offer samples?

Yes. We can offer samples for your testing or communicating with your customers. Our samples are free from charge, what you need to do is to pay the freight charge.

Do you have product catalogue and technical data sheets?

Yes, we post our product catalogue on our catalogue page, you can download it for your reference. In addition, if we reach a cooperation agreement, we can offer detailed technical data sheet, you can contact us at any time for more information.

How can I place an order?

You may place an order in the following ways:

You may contact us via instant messenger, such as WhatsApp and WeChat;

You may fill out the comment form at the bottom of the page and tell us your detailed requirements;

You may send an e-mail to sales1@archilath.com;

Or you can order by dialing our phone number +86-13363329992.

Do you keep all your products in stock?

In most cases, we keep all products in stock. If you want to make sure whether we have it in stock or not, please contact us via instant messenger or call us directly.

How to install metal lath properly?

The main steps of metal lath installation include adding a waterproof layer, laying metal lath and applying the mortar. If you want a detailed installation guide, please refer to the installation page for more information.

Can galvanized metal laths and angle beads be used externally?

Generally, we recommend you take stainless steel metal laths and angle beads for external applications.

Where can metal laths be used?

Metal laths are extensively used in plastering works on wood walls, concrete walls, brick walls, ceilings and other building surfaces.

Can stainless steel bead work with gypsum-based plaster?

Stainless steel beads are specially designed for cement-based plaster and shall not work with gypsum-based plaster.